Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eight Days and Nights

Eight days past the election, it is finally safe to predict the outcome of these three races:

1. Andrew Do, chief of staff of County Supervisor Janet Nguyen, will win his Garden Grove city council seat. It was a tough race with three Vietnamese-American candidates in the mix. But he is pulling ahead with over 1,000 votes to spare.

2. Steve Ngo, a first time candidate in San Francisco, will win his seat in the Community College Board. At a young age of 32, he is clearly an up and coming Vietnamese-American politician. He ran a masterfully executed campaign to win over 85,000 votes.

3. Diep Truong, an assistant to State Assemblyman Van Tran, is in a tight contest. With only a few hundred ballots left, he is behind by 180 votes. The conventional wisdom is he would win by a few hundred votes. If he loses, it would be no more than a handful and there would be a recount.

Congrats to all three candidates for an exciting campaign full of drama.

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Anonymous said...

Steve Ngo is the worst thing that has happened to the Community College Board in years. He is anti-faculty and has mandated classes without thinking about funding. Most of the classes he insisted CCSF offer were canceled because there were no students. This guy is a megalomaniac and needs to get off the board. Time for him to move on to his next political office. It's obvious the Board of Trustees is a stepping stone for him.

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