Thursday, January 22, 2009

Madison Nguyen Vows to Run for Re-election if Loses in Recall

The Mercury News, the only major newspaper in San Jose reported - in a recent article titled -"Race to oust San Jose Councilwoman Madison Nguyen heats up." - the followings in regards to the recall election in March 3:

"...Nguyen, in a report that covers only this year, has raised $34,925 since Jan. 1, adding to the more than $165,000 her campaign staff said she raised last year. She continues to count among her backers the cream of San Jose's political establishment, from Mayor Chuck Reed and the rest of the City Council to influential developers and powerful kingmakers in the city's labor movement.

Meanwhile, her opponents reported raising $100,144 from Oct. 1 through Jan. 17, mostly in smaller sums. But although their supporters may not be as prominent, they can boast tangible proof of something potentially even more valuable: a deep, grass-roots network of motivated supporters who will turn out at the polls...."

To put it into perspective according to form 460, the Recall Team raised $100,144 mostly through a network of hundreds of individuals who donated $50 to $100. One of those individual donors is Pete McHugh, the Santa Clara County Supervisor who was just termed out in Jan. 2009.

The thing to notice is the shift in momentum to the Recall Team. Their ability to raise money is finally on par with Nguyen and her deep pocket out of town wealthy developers, lobbyists and kingmakers of Labor Unions.

The same article also tried to explain why the recall:

"......they say, it's about Nguyen's record and their trust — shattered by the Little Saigon fracas, but already beginning to fray beforehand.
They argue that crime and gang violence have risen under her watch, that she has been a poor steward of the city's money amid a burgeoning budget deficit, that she has been too cozy with developers and deal makers — and that she has stopped listening to the community."

And the voter's sentiment will be according to the article:

"...So far, the conventional wisdom is Vietnamese residents will come out in droves, bucking both the usual calculus in special elections — low turnout — and the reality of the demographics in District 7, where they make up just 28 percent of the population. Latinos (45 percent) and whites (11 percent) make up more than half of the district's residents...."

This is where the Mercury News reporter did not do his homework. It is not a fault of his own but because the newspaper would not provide the money for proper research. But LSI is not about to change the perception of mainstream (What is mainstream anyway in San Jose, a city where it is 1/3 Asians, 1/3 Hispancis and 1/3 Whites?)

The article concluded with the fact of the matter is:" Even if Nguyen loses this fight, she vows to run again for her seat this summer. "Every single household knows who I am.''

The mail-in ballot will be sent out the first week of February. There will be a flood of mailers and articles in the local newspapers in the next 2 weeks.

Just for fun, the Thunder Valley oddmakers are betting Nguyen to win. LSI also bets the same. And what if she lost, the bets are city council will appoint a Hispanic to replace her, especially now with the embarrassment leak of a Filipino American turning down the position.

This election is actually a pre-referendum to the mayoral's race as well as a state assembly race in 2010. Nguyen has to win and must win not only for her political fortune but may be others. And unless things are out of control, this is a race for Nguyen to lose and she will have no one to blame but herself if she lost.

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