Friday, August 14, 2009

Diep " Tyler" Truong Interfered with Police Investigation

In a recent article by Nguoi Viet newspaper,, it was reported that Diep "Tyler" Truong had interfered with a police investigation of Citryst Restaurant around Feb. of this year as a city councilman. Truong defended himself by saying that he was just new to the council so he did know the proper "protocol"

After receiving a phone call from the owner of Citryst about police visiting the restaurant for possible violations, Truong asked the police in charge of the investigation, officer Tim Vu, why was he visiting the Citryst Restaurant. The conversation was taped.

Officer Vu responsed by asking Truong if he would like him to stop the investigation. According to Nguoi Viet, Truong met up with the city police chief, Andrew Hall, several days later to clear his action.

Citryst Restaurant is owned by Amanda My Dung Nguyen, a relative of the owner of Pho 54 Restaurant. It was at the same Citryst Restaurant that by all account, Andy Quach, Van Tran and Diep 'Tyler" Truong were last seen together after they had left another restaurant the night Quach took out a corner of Westminster with his DUI. Both owners are financial contributors to Assemblyman Van Tran's campaign and are friends of Tran.

LSI has now been told that Diep "Tyler" Truong was also asking city staff the Monday after Andy Quach DUI if there were any home security camera in the area of the accident.

Diep "Tyler" Truong is a staff of Assemblyman Van Tran and of course is part of the well known "Gang of Seven" in Little Saigon


Vietnam First said...


I must say your coverage of the Quach's accidence has been informative and accurate, much better than local Vietnamese media networks.
Your vigorous effort is much appreciated.

Vivian said...

who is in this gang of seven?

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