Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rumors Are Rampant in Little Saigon - Van Tran

Rumors are surfacing about the Andy Quach DUI and his partying friends on the night of August.

Information known at the moment according to reports and eye witnesses are as follows:

1. Andy Quach is not making any comments with regards to the 2 hours between West Coast Buffet Restaurant and the drunk driving episode. The owner of West Coast already claimed that Andy Quach, Van Tran and Diep "Tyler" Truong left his restaurant around 10:00 PM and they were not drunk.

2. According to an eye witness, all three went to Citryst Restaurant. The owner of Citryst, Amanda My Dung Nguyen conveniently shut off the surveillance camera at 10:30 PM even though it was required to be on until midnight.

3. City Councilmember Diep "Tyler" Truong asked staff about possible surveillance camera at the crash site. Truong is also a staff member of State Assemblyman Van Tran and part of his famous "Gang of Seven" in Little Saigon.

The rumor running wild in Little Saigon is that Van Tran was in the car with Andy Quach and left the scene of the accident. He later went back since it was only 15 minutes walk from his house and interfered with the police investigating whether Andy Quach was drunk or not, pretending to be Andy's lawyer.

If this is not true, Van Tran should make a statement to end any speculations for the controversy will drag on and on. This will take away his focus to campaign against Quang Pham in the primary.

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