Sunday, April 11, 2010

Andy Nguyen - A Republican Candidate

Andy Nguyen, a political newcomer in Tarrant County, Texas, is making headwaves with his campaign against long time County Commissioner Marti Ravenswaay.  Tarrant County is the home of 1.7 million residents and includes the city of Fort Worth and Arlington.  Tarrant County is about 55% White, 25% Hispanic, 12% Black, 4% Asian.   The county commissioner is equivalent to county supervisor in California.  The salary is about $128,000 annually.  There are 4 county commissioners representing four districts.  The commissioners work under the leadership of a county judge who is not a judge but an elected official countywide.

Andy Nguyen, a small business owner, won the Republican primany in March against the incumbent (42% to 34%).  With no winner reaching the 50% + 1, the runoff is scheduled for April 13.  The county is mostly Republican so there is no Democratic challenger in the general election.  Whoever wins the runoff will assume the commissioner seat.

The incumbent Marti Ravenswaay has served the seat for 20 years and is facing criticisms for her lack of focus and interest.  Andy Nguyen is riding a strong support of the Vietnamese-American community in Tarrant County where he once served as its president.  He has raised over $52,000 while Marti manages to raise less than $30,000.  At one of his fundraising events, 700 people came to show support and donation.

If he wins, he will be the second ranking Vietnamese-American elected official in Texas after State Representative Hubert Vo (Democrat).  Similar to Nguyen, Hubert Vo was an underdog and came out of nowhere to win against a long time incumbent.  Can Nguyen pull of a big upset in a predominately White electorate?

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