Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jeff Rosen Endorse by Vietnamese-American Community

This is a content of an email announcement by a coalition of Vietnamese-Americans who were at the heart of the Madison Nguyen recall -  LSI usually call them the Recall Team.

" VietvotersPAC is pleased to announce our endorsement of Jeff Rosen for District Attorney of Santa Clara County.

The Vietnamese American Community of Northern California has been underrepresented in many areas of governments. There is a lack of diversity in the Police Department, The District Attorney Office, the Judiciary Committee, Santa Clara County and San Jose government. VietvotersPAC strive to mobilize candidates and government representatives that share our values and concerns of public safety, ethics, conflict of interest, job growth and our community calling card, FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney office has lost touch with the Vietnamese American Community during the last 3 years. Police brutality and abuse were not addressed until video evidence come to light. Campaign irregularity, voter fraud and lying at City Council hearing complaints went unanswered. The stonewalling tactic employed by the District Attorney for the Daniel Pham police related shooting is the last straw that broke the camel's back. Not only has the current administration reversed the earlier stance of open Grand Jury proceeding and community input for Vietnamese victim shooting at the hand of the San Jose Police Department - a procedure implemented by former District Attorney George Kennedy in light of questionable shooting death of Bich Cau Chao Nguyen in 2003, the Vietnamese community were kept totally in the dark for 6 agonizing months amidst protest and letter writing campaign to "sunshine" facts related to the Daniel Pham police shooting incident. In fact, Dolores Carr spoke openly against the proposed sunshine reform at the September 2009 San Jose City Council that, if passed, would have shed some much needed light for the family members of Daniel Pham and the Vietnamese American community's demand for justice and accountability.

Jeff Rosen exemplified the core value of honesty and integrity that is currently lacking in the incumbent Dolores Carr. His lifelong dedication to justice and accountability as a respected and experienced prosecutor is beyond reproach and will provide the strong leadership anchor Santa Clara County need in this time of crisis. Jeff’s fresh approach to openness and transparency in government, his strong commitment to diversity and his willingness to address controversial issues head-on with the community without Press liaison is the answer VietvotersPAC has been searching for the Vietnamese American Community of Northern California. Jeff Rosen will serve well to restore trust and pride to the District Attorney office."


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Nguyen Tan Thanh said...

This's, www.edentoday.741.com we,re the people in Vietnam, we need you send we web on the world
Ho Chi Minh city council has laid out plans to upgrade the city, Eden is one of the plans. Recently, we have seen many people protesting outside the HCMC Committee with many slogans in Vietnamese.
Today, as many as 130 properties and dozens of businesses will have to be demolished to make way for the new Vincom Corp. complex.
The center role of the HCMC government has been questioned by hundreds of Eden residents and the most disappointing aspect of this is that they found out their houses are to be acquired and compensation for each house based on the value back in 1979 (why not the current market value 2010? That is 20 years different).
Eden resident Mr. Thanh was really disappointed when asked about how the government handling the issues. “In fact, the government does not do anything to resolve the situation, there are many rumors about the relationship between Vincom Corp. and the HCMC committee. This is stealing from people and government is trying to help Vincom. This is bribery and we are suffering”
The two main demands from the Eden residents are the Vincom Corp has to negotiate directly with the Eden residents and not involved any third party (HCMC Committee) and to re-evaluate their properties for compensation.
When asked about the compensation for their properties, “In an early statement from the HCMC committee relating to the compensation, they applied the market value in 1979 for today compensation, it is such outrageous and pathetic.” Eden residents said.
From the plan to the conflicts.
About the demolishing Eden area which is named “golden quadrangle Eden” right at the heart of the HCM city has progressed very slow since the plan was announced in 2007.
Among other bidders, Vincom was appointed for the Eden project. The plan is to develop Eden area to be the most developed complex building in HCM, including luxury apartments, shopping mall, office for lease and sub-car-park. The eligible capital for the project in the bidding to be announced US$300 millions and the project was planned to start immediately in 2008 and put in operation 3 years later.
However the progress of the project isn’t going along well as it has been planned.
Another project at 66-68-70 Le Thanh Ton was given to Vincom Corp as a “gift”. According to Vincom Corp’s projection over the Eden project, they will not make any profit out of that therefore a “free gift” 66-68-70 Le Thanh Ton was a fair compensation for their investment.
The area, which has to be demolished, is over 8.800sqm and the total proposed compensation is more than 1.500 billion VND, which is equivalent to US$80millions.
The project is in prime location, why
- They applied the market value in 1979 for today compensation
- The project is not a general public project, it is an investment of a private company, which means they (Vincom Corp) invest for profits so why HCM Committee is the third party in acquiring lands and houses from Eden residents and give it to Vincom Corp. Is that because Vincom Corp can borrow power from the government to actually rip off people?
- If it is a private investment, why Vincom Corp. does not negotiate with Eden residents.
- Why the HCM Committee helps Vincom to rip off people, forces them to leave their houses and receive a compensation which is valued 20 years ago.
- Why the Chairman of the HCMC Committee is refusing to see Eden residents when the Eden residents have been protesting almost 2 months outside the HCM Committee?

Unofficial Election Results

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