Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Agent Orange Conference in Berkeley - Oct 28 - 29


Quoc To said...

I'm commenting on this post because I could not find a link to email whoever is managing this blog.
Hopefully it will be received by the appropriate party.

My name is Quoc-Anh To, I'm a Vietnamese American immigrant. I am a recent graduate of U.C. Berkeley, and currently going to law school at USF. I am also a campaign manager for Vu Vuong Trinh, who is running for District Attorney in San Francisco in this upcoming election.

I've noticed this blog has posted several stories regarding Vietnamese American candidates running for political office throughout California.

I don't know if you have not posted anything regarding his bid to become the first ever elected Vietnamese-American District Attorney because we have not contacted you or whether his campaign has flown under the radar.

However, I'm here to call to your attention this important campaign. The election on November 8th is a little less than two weeks away, and it is important that the Vietnamese community and voters in San Francisco hear about his bid to become District Attorney as well as show up to the polls on Tuesday November 8th to support one of its own.

Vu Trinh, who is also a Vietnamese immigrant and graduated from UC Hastings in '91, is a former OC Deputy Public Defender and currently the Commissioner to the CA Bar's Criminal Law Advisory Commission.

He is running an independent, grass-roots campaign to become SF's D.A. because he believes big party politics have no place in the District Attorney's office and truly believes that the focus should be on the people and public safety of all residents. He has hired law students such as me to run his campaign and get his message out to the community through direct interaction.

Vu wants to bring modern investigative strategies to the office, increase transparency, reduce waste and make the DA's office more efficient and responsive to the community.

I believe in his message, and I believe in his ability to make San Francisco the truly progressive, safe and prosperous community it can and should be.

I hope that you will post a piece about his bid to inform the Vietnamese community of Vu Trinh, whom they should be very proud of.

I am. And I hope that you will join me in supporting Vu for District Attorney.

Quoc To said...

I forgot to post that you can reach me regarding any question or concerns at

Mark Shapiro said...

Readers may wish to visit the 'Agent Orange Action Group' at

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