Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ly Tong Will Be Freed Soon?

This is the headlines going viral in the Vietnamese-American community based on a report sending via email by Hanh Duong, an owner of a Vietnamese language blog called VietPress.     According to his conversation  with The Vu Nguyen, an aide to Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese,  there is a good chance that Ly Tong will be freed on probation or given credit for time served.

As reported by by Hanh Duong, Cortese paid a visit to the judge and some members of the juror and handed them the 7,000 signed petitions of Ly Tong supporters.   The report mentioned that Cortese also had asked the judge to reduce the sentence against Ly Tong. 

LSI cannot confirm the report since this is becoming quite a circus, especially when a convicted felon (Because of his political belief) can hold such fascination and power over elected officials with his hunger game.  But since The Vu Nguyen is being mentioned as the source of the story, there must be some truth.

Note:  Ly Tong has been moved to a hospital since last Sunday according to county official.   They are not allowing visitor and told one of Ly Tong's friends to return on Thursday to visit him.

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