Monday, June 11, 2012

What Does Ly Tong Want?

Supervisor Dave Cortese, his aide, The Vu Nguyen, Cam Van Le (a board member of ESUHD and a potential 2014 city council candidate, District 7), and Hung Do, a community leader, went to visit Ly Tong on June 8.   The Vu took pictures of Ly Tong shaking hands with the supervisor and meeting with the others.  The pictures can be seen on

In an interview with Cali Today (a local Vietnamese newspaper),  Hung Do said that  the captain in charge took Cortese and the group in a meeting room to talk with a pale looking Ly Tong.   Do emphasized that they could have brought in a cam recorder to record the conversation but nobody did.  Luckily, The Vu had a camera phone so he took some pictures and forwarded them to the Vietnamese-American media.

Cortese asked Ly Tong to stop the hunger strike so that he could be alive to fight another day, especially if he would like people to help him.  Cortese told Ly Tong: "Nobody can help you if you are dead."

According to Hung Do,   Ly Tong said that out of respect for the supervisor, he would take some water but he would not eat.  He asked that the video evidence at the convention from 8:00 PM to 8:15 PM (?)  should be submitted to court for a possible retrial to vindicate his innocent.   Ly Tong, in his latest message on June 9, told everybody that he does not want to be in jail for he is innocent.  He can accept only a probation sentence so that he could be out of jail with a new lawyer to fight for a retrial.

So what is going with Ly Tong at the moment on Day 16?  He is being monitored every two hours by a nurse  and he is staying in a room by himself.  He does take a hot bath everyday but he still refuses food and water.  He is waiting for Cortese to help him getting the film from the convention center.  He promised Cortese that he will not die.   Cortese's office is monitoring the situation closely.

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