Friday, August 24, 2012

Vietnamese Diasporic Film Festival & DVAN

Dear friends of DVAN,

When we say that we are nonprofit organizations, we mean it. There’s no
profit. Every dollar we’ve ever raised via ticket sales, auctions, and
donations has gone to fund our events and projects. These are however not
enough to cover the cost of our events and projects. When we write grants,
we are requested to show community support. To continue to promote
writers, filmmakers and visual artists from the Diaspora, we need you to
show us your support.

DVAN has been selected by OneVietnam ( to be on their
fundraising platform. We need to receive a minimum of 50 donations of at
least $1 in the next four weeks to remain on that platform. Can you help
us by donating to this website:

For this month of the fundraising campaign, we are setting a goal of
$1,000.00 to help pay for the 2nd San Francisco Vietnamese Diasporic Film
Festival (scheduled for late April 2013). The first one last year drew
several hundred people to watch a dozen Vietnamese films. The second one
will be even better. We hope to see you all there.

It is as easy as shopping online. Click the big blue “Fund this
organization” button, enter a dollar amount, and your credit card number.
There are even some rewards for donating to DVAN: tickets, t-shirts,
books, artwork, and even just some simple publicity and gratitude. All
donations are tax-deductible and done on a “military-grade” security

In five years, DVAN has organized the first Vietnamese film festival in
San Francisco, three poetry and literature festivals that drew packed
audiences, periodic author readings, the creation of a youth group to
promote the arts, and most recently, an art exhibit at UC Riverside that
is part of a book on Southeast Asian women’s art and writings from the
diaspora. Edited and paid for by DVAN, this book is forthcoming from the
University of Washington Press. In diaCRITICS, you have the leading blog
on Vietnamese and diasporic culture and art. We began in 2010, and if you
Google us, we appear somewhere in the top 5 hits. We’ve received around
150,000 hits since then, and average over 200 hits a day.

OneVietnam is the brainchild of energetic young people whose aim is to
use social networking to build a collective mass of people to work for
Vietnamese interests. You can join the OneVietnam network, too, and meet
such people. OneVietnam’s fundraising campaign is designed to help a group
of worthwhile community organizations with established track records raise
more money and visibility.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Isabelle Thuy Pelaud
Associate Professor
Asian American Studies Department
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132

DVAN Co-Director

Dvan mailing list

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