Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jimmy Nguyen and Duc Lam - "Gotcha Game"

In a brilliant political "Gotcha" move,  Jimmy Nguyen and his supporters decided to see if they could embarass Rose Herrera.    The high paid political consultants, Tom Saggau and Dustin DeRollo were staking out at a park in District 8 to see if they could catch the person who supposedly has been dumping Jimmy Nguyen's campaign signs.    Accompanying  them is Duc Lam, a friend of Jimmy Nguyen and a video camera.    According to the Mercury News -

"...Software engineer Matt Wahlin, 58, admits he did remove some Nguyen signs, which he said someone repeatedly placed on the couple's front lawn in recent days. He said he also removed signs that had been on public property in the area, which he said is a violation of city rules.

But Wahlin said he was attacked Monday night as he was about to throw the signs away in a garbage bin, located in a small park less than a mile from the home he shares with Herrera.

"I was going around the corner and I was blindsided and knocked to the ground by at least one person," Wahlin told reporters late Tuesday morning from his living room. As he stood up after the attack, he said, two suspects shined a bright light and camera in his face.

Wahlin showed reporters scrapes and bruises on his face, hands and left knee that he said he suffered as a result of the confrontation. He filed a police report Tuesday against his unknown assailants...."

The video that the consultants posted on the web is in poor condition but here are two full stories reported on the Internet.



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