Monday, November 19, 2012

For Tyler Diep - Decision, Decision?

It does not look good for Tyler Diep.   With a couple of days left before all the ballots counting are officially done,  Tyler Diep is still trailing Diana Carey by 213 ballots. 

What will he do?  He can ask for a recount but this will only delay the inevitable and it also makes him look less attractive for the city council to appoint him to replace the seat occupied by Frank Fry.

Diana Carey certainly would not want to have Tyler Diep on city council so that he could screw her with three Vietnamese-American votes.   Sergio Contreras got elected because of the huge endorsement and support of former Mayor Rice.  And she does not give a damn about Tyler Diep.

Whatever the case may be, this will go down as one of the biggest upsets in Little Saigon politics.  Granted Wesminter is a small town and city council seat is a part time position but it shows that Tyler Diep is vulnerable in the Vietnamese-American community.  

He is young and he can always come back but for him to step into a bigger political stage, he is not ready yet.

CITY OF WESTMINSTER Member, City Council
Number To Vote For: 2
Completed Precincts: 57 of 57

Vote Count Percentage
DIANA CAREY 8,995 19.8%
TYLER DIEP 8,782 19.4%
KHAI DAO 2,711 6.0%
AL P. KRIPPNER 2,511 5.5%

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