Monday, September 16, 2013

Voice of OC and Jose Solorio vs. Janet Nguyen

The Labor Unions and Democratic Party funded blog called Voice of OC and of course Jose Solorio (Democratic candidate for D34 State Senate race) are really going after County Supervisor Janet Nguyen (R) and her campaign.   And the state senate race is still more than a year away.

There are now numerous complaints from Vietnamese-Americans in Little Saigon about basically thugs claiming to be "Investigative Detectives" from Voice of OC knocking on their houses and businesses.  These agents (or thugs as Vietnamese-Americans are calling them) then arrogantly demand the people to answer  questions such as -

- "Are you a supporter of  Janet Nguyen?  If you are, do you vote for her and do you give her money?"

-  "If you are giving her money, why you are giver her money and how much?"

Last time LSI check, this is still a country where people have the rights to support and give money to their candidates without being questioned and harassed by "Investigative Detectives" trying to intimidate them

If peole give money to their candidates, that is their business.  Who they vote for, that is their business.  It is none of Voice of OC's business.  Voice of OC has no rights to knock on people's houses to ask such questions trying to scare people into what?  Not voting and supporting Janet Nguyen.

This is a desperate and dirty attempt by Jose Solorio and Labor Unions to intimidate Vietnamese-American voters. 

But Jose Solorio is wrong on this  tactic for it will unify the Vietnamese-American community further.  Further, it will provide Janet Nguyen with more ammunitions to excite her base.


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