Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another Ethic Complaint from Sam Liccardo's Campaign

Earlier this September,   a group of Vietnamese-American activists organized a Rock the Vote event to get out the votes in the Vietnamese American community in San Jose.   The event was held on a beautiful Sunday at Grand Century Mall and widely advertised within the community.    A number of candidates showed up for the event including the leading mayoral candidate Dave Cortese.   

Couple weeks later, Sam Liccardo's supporters filed a complaint to the Ethic Commission.  The complaint alleged that  the organizers are Dave Cortese's supporters and they were putting together the event on behalf of Dave and nothing more.   And yet neither Cortese nor the organizers filed any monetary donation statement. 

This is somewhat of a stretch of course since Rock the Vote event is a common thing within the Vietnamese-American community to help voters aware of the issues as well as candidates. 

The Ethic Commission nevertheless sprung into action and immediately hired the law firm of Hansen Bridgett LLP to pursue the case.   They have investigated about a dozen people including Dave Cortese.  

The inquiry was nothing more than another political ploy that is too little too late for Sam Liccardo.  However, this kind of political gamesmanship irked Cortese.   He told the lawyer from Hansen Bridgett ,  "...  I don't see a problem of me practicing my constitutional right in attending civic event or political event for that matter....."     The lawyer defended his action, "I am just doing my job as being asked..."

A fishing expedition that will  cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars just because in the name of politics and a mayoral job

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