Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cong Do Running for State Assembly

With so many Vietnamese-Americans running for office in San Jose this year and next year, it would not be complete without mentioning 2016.  With still 2 years away, Cong Do already announced his candidacy to replace State Assemblywoman Nora Campos for District 27.   He is so eager that his website is already up.  Of course, when you are not working and just staying home painting for fun, he has plenty of time to do whatever he wants.

A self-proclaimed anti-communist activist who has been trying to destabilize the Vietnamese government for years, he went back to Vietnam to promote his anti-communist activity and was jailed in June, 2006 on terrorist charges by the local law enforcement.  Three months later, he was freed when US Congresswoman Lofgren petitioned with the US Department to help her constituent. 

This will be an interest race since the infamous Madison Nguyen is also running.  The district has 33% Asian and 46% Hispanic.  It covers most of D7, D8 and D5.   Now whether the Vietnamese-American voters will vote for a Ly Tong clone or a former elected official who is not quite popular with her own ethnic base, we will have to wait for another 720 days.

Ash Kalra and Darcie Green are happy of course since at least they don't have to worry about the Vietnamese-American votes going mostly to Madison Nguyen. 



Cong Do said...
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Cong Do said...

Dear Little Saigon Inside

For your information, I am working full time as Sr. Engineer, painting is just only a hobby. I did state it clearly in my announcement letter.

I am Cong T. Do, who advocates for freedom of expression, freedom of press and religion in a non-violent way. The accused, of terrorist from the Vietnamese Communist Government was just a common charge for any political dissidents who want to promote freedom and democracy in Vietnam. Here is an article, hope to clear out some misunderstanding.

Thanks for your writing on my running for State Assembly, District 27th and Happy New Year as well.

Cong T. Do

Unofficial Election Results

 San Jose City Council, D7   Precincts Reporting:  100% Tam Nguyen                        31.85%       2,275  Maya Esparza             ...