Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Andrew Do Ahead By 2 Votes (For Now)

What an amazing result for the OC supervisorial race to replace State Senator Janet Nguyen.  The special election was expected to be a close one but who could have imagined this razor thin margin of victory.

County Supervisor First District, Short Term
Completed Precincts: 101 of 101
Vote Count Percentage
ANDREW DO 16,202 39.0%
LOU CORREA 16,200 39.0%
CHRIS PHAN 6,765 16.3%
* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

The former Garden Grove City Councilmember and deputy DA Andrew Do (R) was trailing former State Senator Lou Correa (D) all night long, at one point by 320 votes. But in the end, the voters pulled through for him.

He would have won this election outright if it was not for the other two Vietnamese-American candidates divided the Vietnamese-American votes.  The Democratic Party with their bogus candidate Chuyen Nguyen almost executed their plan of divide and conquer perfectly.

State Senator Janet Nguyen was at Andrew's election night party and this election night really brought back memory and a sense of deja vu.  She won her first supervisorial election by 3 votes.

Recount lawyers will be flying in all over from both parties by tomorrow morning.  Andrew Do is already calling for reinforcement and preparing his supporters ready for the recount.  The night actually will be longer for both candidates.  And this election might not be over until a judge says so.

Update: There are 6,105 ballots left to count.  These are provisional ballots and vote-by-mail returned at the polls.  So the numbers will change.  Historically, the last minute ballots have been in favor of Vietnamese-American candidates.

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