Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lan Diep Won by 14 Votes After Recount

After the automatic recount,  Lan Diep now won by 14 votes instead of 36 over Manh Nguyen. However,  Nguyen's supporter has asked for a voter-initiated recount.   He is hoping that with another recount, he still can turn the tide.

The change in vote after the manual tally is mainly due to the under vote error by the counting machine.    These are ballots that neither were votes for Nguyen nor Diep.  However, the machine counted by mistake as either for Nguyen or Diep.

During this recount, Nguyen challenged 73 ballots and he was only granted 2 challenges, the rest were deemed not legitimate.

A year ago,  Diep lost to Nguyen by 13 votes.  There was no automatic recount rule then and he did not ask for a recount.

Note:  After the press release by ROV on July 15, 2016  after their official recount declaring Lan Diep won by 14 votes, they changed the number to 12 votes  on July 18, 2016.   The reason is they found another 37 ballots that somehow were misplaced.

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