Monday, February 20, 2017

Van Le for San Jose City Council D7?

The Resolution 3.8 opposing the display of the Vietnam Communist flag in San Jose has taken a life of its own.  City Councilmember Tam Nguyen thought he was getting the support of the community for his resolution (which was passed unanimously two weeks ago by the City Council).  However, some extremists in the community are criticized him with vengeance for they felt the resolution did not go far enough, i.e., not encompassing as the Westminster's resolution opposing the Communist flag.   Some even suggested that the resolution will prompt a brazen display of the Communist flag.

Van Le, a school board member and a former D7 candidate  against Tam Nguyen 2 years ago, did not let such a political  opportunity went to waste.   She is trying to win some brownie points with the Viet-American voters as she is planning her election strategy for 2018. 

LSI cannot wait till next year with Van Le, Chris Le and Tam Nguyen running against each other.   

Update as of June 11, 2017:  The City Council basically decided that this resolution should be as it is.  And for First Amendment sake and the legal liability involves , they will not take up on this matter further for now.

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