Sunday, February 10, 2019

Janet Nguyen Can't Let Go

Apparently after losing her state senatorial election in an upset last year,  Janet Nguyen still could not let go of the  fact that she is out of office and not representing anybody anymore. 

In annual Tet Parade in Westminster,  Nguyen paid $300 to be in the parade and had her husband (Tom Bonikowski) drove their classic car behind a banner declaring herself still Senator Janet Nguyen.

She has been the mainstay of the parade as an elected official since the first parade 10 years ago.  But this year, she was no where to be found.

 In the meantime, the true  state senator representing most of Little Saigon, retired Colonel Tom  Umberg, could be seen marching with his supporters waving both the Vietnamese and American flags.

  Janet Nguyen clearly was either delusional or trying to trick the voters to think that she is still representing them.

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