Saturday, June 28, 2008


In 2006, Time Magazine did a full page feature on Tila Tequila, a phenom of "..........Tila clearly grasps the logic of Web 2.0 in a way that would make many ceos weep. She sells Tila posters, calendars, a clothing line of hoodies and shirts. She has been on the cover of British Maxim. She has a single due to be released online. She has a cameo in next summer's Adam Sandler movie. She has four managers, a publicist and a part-time assistant. It's hard to know how to read the rise of Tila Tequila. Does she represent the triumph of a new democratic starmaking medium or its crass exploitation for maximum personal gain? It's not clear that even Tila knows. But she knows why it works. "There's a million hot naked chicks on the Internet. There's a difference between those girls and me. Those chicks don't talk back to you.", she said......."

By 2008, Tila Tequila is already into her second season of her own MTV reality show - A Shot At Love II. Her friends have double to over 3 millions. Her on line hit singles are played a total of 102 millions times. She even has her own hotline for her fans to call in. So far 431 thousands people have done so. But not somebody who is resting on her laurel, she is branding herself into the movie industry also. Not too bad for a 27 years-old California blond who as the Time put it : "Vietnamese by heritage and blond by choice"

In 2001, Anh Tran and his friend Danny Ting founded an adult movies-by-mail while having lunch in SF Chinatown. In typical Silicon Valley entrepeneurial fashion, the two young men drew up their plan on a napkin. WantedList is now the largest player in the rental porn-by-mail niche. It is the NetFlix of the porn video world. The two founders now have a drastic change of lifestyle. Instead of a cubicle life in front of the computer, they can be seen hobnobing and flirting with hottest porn stars and throwing lavish parties at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Not too bad for a couple of tech geeks who used to work as consultants for Arthur Andersen with clients like Intel. No word yet on what kind of marketing synergy that Tila and WantedList could create with each other.

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