Monday, November 17, 2008

The Obama's Astrology

A post election survey, conducted by the Asian-Pacific American Legal Center and OCAPICA, in cooperation with National Korean American Service and Education Consortium, showed that in Orange County, about 52% Vietnamese-American voters voted for McCain while 46% for Obama. This is a surprisingly small discrepancy considering that 2 out of 3 Vietnamese-American voters in OC registered as Republican.

Now that people has obtained Obama's birth record, there are a number of astrology websites about his destiny. In the Vietnamese-American community as well as Vietnamese community in VN, the story is more compelling. There are email floating around with the Obama's astrology that foretells an unfinished presidency.

Since the birth record of Obama cannot be confirmed so the prediction of an unfinished presidency might be questionable. However, based on the empirical science of fortune telling of facial characters, many people have predicted the same consequences.

The prominent mole on his face is the tell tale sign of an unfinished term presidency. According to fortune teller, the mole positioned on the smiling crease is a sign of separation of family and loved one. And if one is in position of political power, it speaks of leaving the office that one's held early and never have a chance to fulfill the promises.

Whether this is true or not, only time can tell but not since for a long time has a president coming into office with so much enthusiams from the young and new generation.

Of course, in the art of fortune telling and prediction, whether it is Nostradamus or Saint Malachy, all have their doubters. However, their prophecies cannot simply be ignored for they are sometimes come to realization.

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