Thursday, September 30, 2010

Van Tran vs. Loretta Sanchez

As the election heating up,  Van Tran is taking the race issue to Loretta Sanchez.   His right hand person Lan Nguyen is on radio calling Vietnamese to demonstrate against Sanchez this Saturday (October 2) while demanding that Sanchez should apologize to Van Tran personally.  The sin is for suggesting that Van Tran is anti-immigration and that she is does not want to have the seat to be " taken away by Vietnamese and Republican".    What Loretta Sanchez meant to say was "not to have the seat taken away by Vietnamese and Republican supporters of Van Tran" as she issued an apology to the community. 

Meanwhile,  Van Tran is recycling his well used slogan " Vietnamese should only vote for Vietnamese candidates" in the his 24-hour radio show network.    Van needs to get his Vietnamese base to vote for him.  A lot of them are wary of him since they despise his ambition to be the "Godfather of the Vietnamese-American politics".  And his red-baiting tactics against County Supervisor Chair Janet Nguyen gives him the notoriety of a sleazy politician.    Sanchez meanwhile has done an excellent job in nurturing the Vietnamese votes with her anti-communist stand.   Two of her official staff are Vietnamese-Americans.

It is ironic that two candidates with immigrant background is fighting over who is browner than the other in order to get the votes of the ethnic groups.

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no said...

Did Van Tran accuse Janet Nguyen of being a Communist?

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