Friday, January 2, 2009

1430 AM Radio Station

The puzzlement of the Vietnamese-American community in the last two weeks has been the fact that Madison Nguyen and her staff are calling into the station manager complaining that the political attacks on her have made her job as an elected official to be difficult and ineffective.

She asked the manager to forbid the radio talk show about the recall effort to do the followings:

1. To call her by her name when talking about her. They can only refer to her as "Madame City Council "

2. To call her a liar. The radio talk show has an open line and people are calling in to question about her cover up with her behind the scene deal with Tang Lap to name the area Vietnam Town.

3. To call her a pro-communist. She complaints that such labeling would endanger her life. She so far could not provide any evidences that she is being threatened or even being called a pro-communist.

The funny thing is that every time her supporters attack the community (and hence their own community) and the recall team responses, the supporters would file frivolous complaints something about being called pro-communism. According to Metro (a newspaper that is pro-Madison Nguyen and has written articles against the recall people), there are no evidences of such from the show audio tapes.

The irony of course is the people that she has been paying money to write articles for her like Tron Do of Vien Thao Media, Thach Le of Viet Weekly and the people that support her like the controversial lawyer Liem Nguyen or the young brother of Lee's Sanwiches owner - Henry Le (who falsely claimed that 92 businesses on Story Road supported Madison Nguyen and her naming) are the same people that always boasted openly their close relationship with the communist government.

LSI usually is skeptical of people's boastings. But in this case, associates of LSI met up with them all the time at communist government functions , whether it is at New Year's celebration parties organized by the communist consulate or high government official - business meetings in San Francisco or Santa Ana.

By the way, the Tet Celebration Party to usher in the Year of The Ox by the consulate is on Jan 10 this year in San Francisco, starting at 5:00 PM. Just like previous years, there will be a few demonstrators lining the street outside the building with their "Freedom" & "Democracy" signs. But mostly the 500 invited guests will indulge themselves to an evening of fantastic music and great food.

Too bad the recall team is not invited to the party to celebrate the New Year. Some of anti-recall supporters are invited of course. After all, politics should not be personal to start a new year. It is a sign of bad luck.

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