Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Appointment of a Filipino American to Replace Madison Nguyen

So LSI went North to attend the swearing in of a new mayor and on the way home, got a text message from the 18th floor that the Filipino American whom Chuck Reed had approached for the appointment to replace Madison Nguyen after March 3 election actually turned down the position. Her reason to Reed is that this is a tainted seat and she does not agree to the condition that Chuck put forth - cannot run for election in 2010. Not to revealing any name to protect the innocent but on the other hand, it would not make the story interesting, LSI can only say that the person's first name is rhyme with the name of one of the recent US First Ladies.

Since early December, it is a well known fact on the 18th floor that Reed will appoint somebody to replace Nguyen. His dilemma is who? A Vietnamese-American, a Hispanic, an Anglo Saxon? In District 7, where there is only 20% Whites, it would be difficult not to choose a person of color. But who, not a Hispanic for he does not want Nora Campos to have a coalition against him. A Vietnamese-American, he sent out feeler to the community leaders - What about Khoa Nguyen, his young aide? The answer is he is green and it would not look right if Reed appoints his own staff.

What about the condition of not to run for election in 2010? Why would he put forth such condition for appointment? Even though there is neither legal nor political obligation by the appointee, why Reed wants it to be known that his appointee will have to make a promise not to run in 2010.

LSI is just a reporter and not a political analyst but by talking to Nguyen's camp, it is now clear that her backup strategy is to run for reelection in 2010.

Personally, LSI thinks that all these political moves and calculations are a waste of time and can cause embarrasing doubt.

Nguyen with her good look, powerful position, boat load of money and the powerful support of Labor, elected officials like the mayor, the vice mayor, the "silent majority", the many Vietnamese-American media outlets and the mainstream media from Merc to Metro, etc.... will crush the recall team. As LSI mentioned before, it is not even a fair fight.

But on the other hand, the conventional wisdom is Nguyen 40%, the people 60%. Is this why Nguyen decided to abandon walking in area where there are a lot of Vietnamese-American residents ? According to her camp, they will put effort in convincing the Hispanic and White voters. They based their decison on the poll that they painstakingly took in December by calling people with a questionnaire of 50 questions (that's right, 50 questions!)

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