Saturday, January 17, 2009

Demonstration Against LAAVA

Despite the fact that the "FOB II: Art Speaks" exhibit was shut down by city code enforcer due to a lack of a gallery permit, the demonstration against VAALA still took place as planned on Saturday as promised by the anti-communist groups. About 700 people showed up with their Freedom Flags demanding the dismantle of VAALA.

On Friday, the San Jose activist Ly Tong flew down and managed to enter the closed exhibit and sprayed paint the infamous photograph of the bust of the Great Uncle Ho positioned next to the lady with a yellow star red tank top.

As expected, politicians of all stripes are feasting on VAALA to build their name recognition. State Assemblyman Jose Solorio (Whom the community has no relationship or has an inkling who he is) in an open letter suggested that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido should shut down VAALA's headquarters right away. The reason - VAALA has violated the dignity of the Vietnamese-Americans and all others who defend and respect freedom and democracy.

LSI predicts that this will get uglier, especially now that it has become a politicized event for politicians to exploit. Nguoi Viet Daily News of course is pouring oil on fire trying to get this same group of demonstrators against Nguoi Viet for the last 1 year to focus on VAALA instead.

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