Nguyen's $10,000 for Make-Up and Electronic Buying Spree

In 2006, running unopposed (she was the only one on the ballot), Nguyen decided to spend her campaign money on the following items as reported on her 460:

$2,500 - personal make-up

$4,125 - Circuit City

$3,835 - Fry's Electronic

$1,087 - Target Store

When asked for the detail of such exorbant expenditure for a campaign that was unopposed, her treasurer, Son Nguyen (the controversial owner of bankrupt Nha Magazine) said he did not remember and did not keep the receipts.

LSI hopes that he still has the receipts because by law, they have to be kept at least for 5 years.

It is against the law according to FPPC regulation:

" Improper expenditure of campaign contributions such as, but not limited to, using campaign funds for personal use instead of for a legitimate political, legislative, or governmental purposes"


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