Monday, March 2, 2009

Nguyen is Predicted To Win

With 9,700 absentee ballots already in, Nguyen is ahead by 851 votes. This is too much of the lead for Recall Team to catch up with only about 1,800 votes left to be counted. It was a hard fought battle and the community is looking forward to the next election. In District 7, with 30% of the registered voters as Vietnamese-Americans, they will always be there to voice their influence in 2010 election and beyond.

The breakdown of the absentee ballots is 50% Vietnamese-Americans, 20% Hispanics, 25% Whites and 5% others.

Conventional wisdom predicted Nguyen to win since she has the most money (almost 3 times) and the mainstream media support.

This is a vote of no confidence against Madison Nguyen. She is an incumbent with all the support of Labor, powerful wealthy developers and lobbyist and yet it was a tough race for her against a movement ran by political novices. In 2010, she is weaken and will have challengers.

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