Thursday, June 10, 2010

Minh Duong In the Run-Off

With all the city council incumbents won their respective races over their challengers at 65% or more,  Madison Nguyen was forced into the run-off by a relatively newcomer- Minh Duong.  Despite Nguyen and Labor Council's negative campaign efforts and spending 2X more than her opponent,  she could not muster the victory that was expected of her.

Mercury News noted that:   "Labor allies Xavier Campos and Madison Nguyen were forced into runoffs for council seats they once were expected to win outright."

In the editiorial piece, the Mercury News gave Nguyen an insight into the run-off in November:

"Incumbent Madison Nguyen finished first in District 7 as did former council aide Don Rocha in District 9. But each faces a serious conservative in the fall — Minh Duong and Larry Pegram, respectively. Rocha and Nguyen would both be wise to better clarify their positions on city spending and stake out the moderate ground."

With the momentum behind him,  Minh Duong received the unequivocal endorsement from Rudy Rodriguez and Janet Nguyen last night.
Rudy Rodriguez came in third in the D7 election with 14% of the votes.  His supporters are crucial in the run-off for they will make up the bulk of the Hispanic votes in the race.

Janet Nguyen (R) is the Chair of the Orange County Board of Supervisor.   Orange County is the second largest county in California.  Janet is one of the youngest candidates ever elected to the supervisor seat in OC and is a well known Republican elected official within the Vietnamese-American community.

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