Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jimmy Nguyen for City Council

The race for City Council District 8 in San Jose is becoming more interesting as we approach the final week of campagning.  Composing about  18% of the registered voters, the Vietnamese-Americans in the district can determine who will be in the run-off comes this November. 

The incumbent Rose Herrera is fighting a tough political battle against Labor-backed Patricia Martinez Roach.  Herrera is receiving the equivocal support of Mayor Chuck Reed,  Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen and Chamber of Commerce.   It is safe to say that Herrera does not have the support of the Vietnamese-American community for she is too closely aligned herself with Madison Nguyen.

Roach is being supported by the biggest name in District 8,  County Supervisor Dave Cortese and the whole Labor machine.   Even the two Vietnamese-American elected officials living District 8,  school board members Lan Nguyen and Cam Van Le are supporting Roach.

The Mercury News predicts that Rose Herrera will prevail and endorses her.  

However,  LSI believes that this will be a close race and nobody can win a majority.  Jimmy Nguyen, a unknown lawyer who was born in San Franciso 35 years ago,  will have a good chance of being in the run-off.   With no Vietnamese-American running to dilute his Vietnamese-American base like in 2008 campaign where 3 Vietnamese-American candidates divided the almost 2,500 Vietnamese-American votes, Nguyen could sneak by. 

This is an intriguing race.  If there is a high turn out of Vietnamese-American voters,  Jimmy could ride the wave of discontent by the voters against Herrera and Roach to have a chance in November.

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