Thursday, May 31, 2012

Candidate Forum Without Jimmy Nguyen and Tam Truong

Photo provided by organizer

Last weekend, Viet-American Voters Coalition, organized an open forum for city council candidates in District 8 and District 4.   The event took place at the Vietnamese-American Cultural Center on Tully Road.  All of the candidates showed up, except for the two Vietnamese-American candidates,  Jimmy Nguyen and Tam Truong.  There were about 200 people came to listen and ask the candidates questions relating to community issues and concerns. 

People did not expect Tam Truong to show up to debate against the incumbent Kansen Chu and his other opponent, Rafeal Sabic, because Tam Truong has been curiosly reluctant to debate Kansen Chu in front of Vietnamese-American voters.   However, it was a surprise to not see Jimmy Nguyen there since this was a great opportunity for him to get more exposure to the Vietnamese-American community.  Nevertheless, Herrera and Roach did provide a good hour of spirited debate on issues.    

But to Jimmy Nguyen's credit, he did show up later in the evening for the "Justice for Ly Tong" movement at the center and participated in their discussion.  You cannot blame the guy for trying  to get some votes  with the anti-communist crowd

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