Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Second Poll Shows Dave Cortese Leading By Wide Margin

With less than 2 weeks before the election, there are two polls  showing that Dave Cortese is leading the San Jose City mayoral race by a wide margin. While one poll contradicts and claims that the race is tied.

A poll conducted by The San Jose State University's Survey and Policy Research Institute at the request of the Mercury News (who is supporting Sam Liccardo) indicated that Cortese  is leading by 8%.   Another recent poll done by the EMC Research for South Bay Labor Council shows Cortese is ahead by 11%.  

Sam Liccardo mean while commissioned his own poll but refused to let the public see the detail.  He claimed that the JMM Research indicated he and Cortese suddenly are tied.

Liccardo is struggling to appeal to the majority of the voters.  He is becoming a one dimensional candidate as he is relying more and more on the Republican base for his support.   His albatross in the Vietnamese-American community is Councilmember Madison Nguyen.   Liccardo is so desperate for the Vietnamese-American votes that he asked for Nguyen's endorsement against the advise of his Vietnamese-American supporters. 

Liccardo knows his campaign is floundering and the latest episode of filing unsubstantiated ethical claim against Cortese is a sign of desperation.

LSI likes Liccardo and thinks that he would make a wonderful mayor.  However, unlike Cortese who spends a considerable amount of time  building his base for the last 8 years by showing up to events, actively reaching out  to many different communities  and actually providing concrete  actions that people could appreciate,  Liccardo chooses to rely on the  endorsement game and the powerful money of the wealthy families and corporations to buy the election.

Unfortunately, Liccardo will likely fall short because he does not have the women's votes and he is having difficulty appealing to the Hispanic and the Asian communities.

LSI predicts a 6% difference between Liccardo and Cortese on election day.


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