Friday, July 1, 2016

Manh Nguyen Feels Confident About The Recount

With all the ballots have now been reported for the D4 race, Lan Diep leads the incumbent Councilmember Manh Nguyen by 28 votes.  Before the provisional ballots were counted,  Diep was ahead by 36 votes.   The automatic recount will take place on July 11.   Nguyen feels confident that he can flip the tally to his favor.  His team thinks that there might be some chances with the provisional ballot.   In reality, that is his real hope.  Rarely a recount will change the result except in the provisional ballot.

Besides the potential upset of an incumbent that has the support of all major establishments and political powers,  the council race will also be known to have highest turn-out in a primary for D4.   With 17,350 ballots cast, the number is more than double the previous primary.

If Lan Diep wins in the end, the final laugh of course is with State Assemblyman Kansen Chu.  His sweet revenge against his long time antagonist former Mayor Chuck Reed and his protege, current Mayor Sam Liccardo.

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