Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Major Upset In the Making in District 4

With still 2,000 ballots left to count, incumbent City Councilmember Manh Nguyen is ahead  attorney Lan Diep by just 17 votes.   The trend was against him in the last two days.  On election night, he was ahead by 193 votes.

MANH NGUYEN7,19350.06%
LAN DIEP7,17649.94%

If Manh Nguyen lost, it would be one of the biggest upsets in San Jose City Council race history.  Never before, an incumbent with the endorsement of current Mayor and former Mayor including a number of seating City Councilmembers along with both Labor and Chamber is facing such a defeat.

One interesting note, a week before the election,  Assemblyman Kansen Chu threw his support to Lan Diep.   Chu of course is a well liked former councilmember of D4.  

Lan Diep lost to Manh Nguyen by 13 votes in last year primary.  It would be interesting to see if he can reciprocate the loss this year.

Just one note - The voter turn-out is unusually high for this primary, especially in D4.   Typical turn out has been around 8,000 ballots in the primary and 14,000 ballots in the general election.  This year, the primary will likely break a record of close to 17,000 ballots.

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