Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Diep Mien Truong For State Assembly

At the fund raising event for US Congressman Joseph Cao in the heart of Little Saigon last weekend, Diep Mien Truong, a 26 years old aide to Assemblyman Van Tran, announced unofficially his candidacy for state assembly to replace Van Tran. Tran is termed out in 2010.

Truong barely won his election 2 months ago for the Westminster city council. This will be the third Trannie running for a major office within the last 2 years. Here is a picture of Truong, Dina Nguyen and Trung Nguyen at the Republican Party convention in Minnesota.


Saigon Insider said...

Who is day dreaming? This kind of lie could only come from Mars 200,000,000 miles away.

Saigon Insider said...

Stop using my name! I am the original Saigon Insider!