Saturday, February 7, 2009

John Zamora Calling Out Madison Nguyen

At the press conference in front of City Hall with about 75 people gathering, the Recall Team issued a challenge to Madison Nguyen to join them to call the city council for an appointment of a person to replace Madison Nguyen after March 3 election. Their logic is instead of having two additional elections (June and Nov), the city would save money by appointment.

Also at the press conference, former Santa Clara Supervisor Pete McHugh and a prominent member of the Latino community, John Zamora, expressed their strong support for the recall of Nguyen.

Mayor Reed was asked after the press conference about the appointment possibility to save city money. He replied:"I think she is going to win so I am not going to spend a lot of time worrying about".

John Zamora was the founder of US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a former Planning Commissioner and Bicentenial Commissioner. The text of his speech is captured below:

" I must be myself as a Latino, when I face adversity, and choose right over wrong, ethic over convenience and self benefit, truth over popularity. I thought I was too old to enter one more fight for democracy one more time. But my son told me you are never too old to do what is right.

Madison Nguyen has broken so many ethics and violated the rights of the citizens of San Jose, more than the last three embattled councilmembers – Kathy Cole, Terry Gregory and Ron Gonzales put together.

If the city wants to save money, they should ask her to resign. That would save all the money in the world.

The violations are graves and serious-

Starting with the Brow Act violation

Starting with given the right of names to a private developer

Starting with trying to go around public hearing of her backroom dealing

Allowing a fraudulent list of names so that she gets her way

And many more and each of them deserves punishment

Every citizen, not only Vietnamese-American in San Jose should join us and call for the same punishment that every other embattled councilmembers faced for lack of ethics."

The full video of the press conference can be seen on

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