Friday, January 22, 2010

Madison Nguyen vs ? in 2010

The primary election is fast approaching for the District 7 city council seat currently held by Madison Nguyen.  She is of course the overwhelming favorite to win the election as an incumbent.  Currently there are no Hispanic candidates to challenge her.   Meanwhile, the Vietnamese-American community has three candidates who are seriously looking to challenge her. 

Michael Tran, a real estate investor, has declared publicly in the Vietnamese-American community that he is a candidate for the seat.

Dr. Phu Le, a long time community activist, a Santa Clara County health commissioner and a very close friend and long time supporter of Councilmember Kansen Chu and his wife,  has decided to put his name in the ring for now.

Minh Duong, another community activist, member of the Small Business Development Commission for San Jose City and a one time candidate for District 8,  is also considering running for the seat. 

Of the three potential candidates,  Michael Tran is relatively unknown and is the weakest candidate.  Both Minh Duong and Phu Le have the name recognition within the Vietnamese-American community.  

At the end of the day, the Vietnamese-American votes (which showed from the last election to be about 45% of the total vote)  will be split 4 ways and Madison Nguyen will ride the Hispanic and White voting blocs to an easy victory.

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