Monday, May 31, 2010

D7 Council Race is for Madison Nguyen to Lose

Recently, Councilmember Nguyen has been heard on local radio both in Vietnamese and American shows crying openly and blaming the people who are running against her really putting too much stress and not allowing her to do her work, after all she is a just a woman trying to do her job.

 In Vietnamese radio and print media, she has been complaining loudly that the accusation that she is not supporting the community is not true and the stress has forcing her to put on hold of having a family.  At 35 years old, she sobbed openly on air that she really wanted to start a family.  This is not the first time that the voters have heard Nguyen on the radio crying for sympathy.   She did it during the recall campaign and it worked well.

In the meantime, her supporters have been unleashing a withering attack against Minh Duong.  The biggest attack so far, besides Minh Duong is a communist sympathizer, is claiming that the business dispute between Minh Duong and his one time political consultant shows that he is not a goog businessman.   The case is in court at the moment with Minh Duong stating that the consultant's billing is bogus and without merit. 

As an incumbent, Nguyen has raised close to the maximum limit of $95,000 for her campaign.  That is twice as much as Minh Duong.  And with a tremendous advantage with name recognition and support from the powerful South Bay Labor Council, the Democratic Party and the majority of the city council, she is clearly a favorite to win it all.   LSI predicted that she would beat back the recall,  LSI now predicts that she would win the primary unless the voters decide not to have the unproductive status quo of controversy and budget deficit while allowing special interest groups controlling the city hall at the taxpayer's expense.

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