Sunday, May 30, 2010

V-Times to Minh Duong: Communist Sympathizer (Part II)

An interesting article written this week by Lam van Sang of  the weekly newspaper V-Times (One of a very few newspapers that  does not have a website) titled : "The Past History of Minh Duong" raised issues with Minh Duong about his contract disputes with a political consulting group in Southern California.  But it also took a swipe at him for being a communist sympathizer.  The reason as Sang stated - "he is known for not having or wearing the Freedom   Flag during public parades".    The Freedom Flag is of course the old Republic of Vietnam flag before 1975 before the current communist government replaced it with the now official yellow star and red color flag. 

Minh Duong, unlike other candidates, does not wrap himself around the Freedom Flag.  His dad of course was a Vietnamese veteran and he does not think he needs the flag waving jingoism to solve real issues facing the city and its people.  He occasionally wears a small pin that has both the American Flag and the Freedom Flag side by side.  Here is a picture of him at the recent Tet Parade in San Jose.  Notice, he certainly was not wearing the Freedom Flag around his neck or on his body like other candidates.

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