Thursday, June 3, 2010

Madison Nguyen's Victory Celebration at M Cafe

Madison Nguyen and Friends just sent out an evite to her "June 8 Victory Celebration" as stated in the email.  It will be at 8:00 PM at M Cafe (1645 Burdette Drive).  This is one of those infamous Vietnamese-American coffee bars where the waitresses are always wear next to nothing.  M Cafe is a play-on-word referring to young lady in a submissive way.  For an interesting view of Vietnamese-American coffee bar culture in San Jose, see the link below:

On the other campaign front, South Bay Labor just sent out another hit piece against Minh Duong.  How many negative ads can Nguyen and South Bay Labor have against Minh Duong?   Is it worth it to have a negative campaign against a nice person?    The answer is yes since nice people always finish last in politics.   Of course Nguyen with her $93,000 budget can really do anything she wants.

Unofficial Election Results

 San Jose City Council, D7   Precincts Reporting:  100% Tam Nguyen                        31.85%       2,275  Maya Esparza             ...