Friday, May 28, 2010

Is Minh Duong a Communist Sympathizer?

An article recently written by Vietnam Daily, one of the oldest and most profitable Vietnamese-American newspapers in San Jose, raised a question whether Minh Duong is a sympathizer of the communist government in Vietnam.  The article was disguised as an interview of another D7 candidate.  The crux of the article was to attack Minh Duong.  One of the main points of the attack is since Minh Duong received the endorsement of the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, the same organization that supported Hon Lien, the council candidate of D4  in 2006 who is well known to have close tie with the communist government, then Minh Duong must have close tie and work with the communist government.  

Minh Duong has yet to response to such interesting feat of logic.

The article can be seen at

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