New Management and Direction

Dear Readers,

Now under the direction of Asian-American Poll Media,  Little Saigon Inside will mainly focus on economic trends and business opportunities relating to Vietnam and its community abroad.  When relevant, we will provide insights on political trends that affect "the pursuit of happiness" by the Vietnamese people living in Vietnam  as well as overseas.   Thank you to all of our loyal readers for the last 3 years and we hope to bring a richer experience with our new format.

Little Saigon Inside Staff


Viet said…
"duoi su chi dao" (translated)? This is language that we've heard from the VC's propagandas. Why would we want to focus on business opportunities for Vietnam and not our own opportunities here? Vietnamese communities abroad do not belong to Vietnam. They are now Vietnamese-American communities and of other countries elsewhere. We have left Vietnam in pursuit of happiness so that we cannot be extorted by the communist government. We get no benefit from Vietnam, from health care, to education and retirement. Why would this website promote this kind of format? This announcement is a total disappointment. By the way, your writing, "the pursue ..." gave away the fact that you've not adapted to the life abroad for very long. Also, if a US resident cares for the community that he lives in, then he would not buy the iphone from Vietnam. He'd buy the iphone that'd give the most economic advantage and tax revenue to the US.

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