Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is Rose Herrera in Trouble?

With election results settled and it is now clear Rose Herrera and Jimmy Nguyen are in the run-off comes November.  The conventional wisdom is that Jimmy Nguyen would have the full support of South Bay Labor,  Supervisor Dave Cortese and of course the Vietnamese-American voters.  

The message is very simple for South Bay Labor and Dave Cortese -  Anybody but the incumbent Rose Herrera.  

And of course the Vietnamese-American voters which make up about 20% of the regitered voters will be mobilized in huge number to vote against Rose Herrera because of her support for Madison Nguyen and vice versa.

So far Jimmy Nguyen has ran a campaign on "I am a blood donor" and that "I help Vietnamese filling out their immigration paper at a local Vietnamese Catholic church".  Of course, he is also a strong Ly Tong's supporter and anything to do with the anti-communist crowd.  

But it worked quite well for he got over 4,000 votes (mostly Vietnamese-Americans) and if he could get the rest of the votes from Labor, we might have an upset in the making. 

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