Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tam Truong vs. Kansen Chu

With the ardent support of the Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Chuck Reed, Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen,  a host of wealthy PACs as well as the endorsement of the Mercury News,  it was quite a suprise to see that Tam Truong would not make it to the run-off (Based on the results from over half of the precincts counted).    Many people predicted that with 25% of the registered voters are Vietnamese-Americans,  Tam Truong would at least do better than 38%, especially when Rafael Sabic is taking away Kansen Chu's base.  

The strategy was of course to put in a three-way race for  it is usually difficult for any one candidate to win a majority in such a field.    However, the voters in District 4 is a smart bunch and they could smell something funny.   Tam Truong is actually a good candidate, much better than the ill-fated Hon Lien.   He just needs to be a little bit more seasoned and really the sky is the limit for a young and talented candidate like himself.  LSI can see him running for school board, bid his time and run for city council in District 4 in another 4 years from now.  Councilmember Truong does have a nice ring to it.

Completed Precincts 26 of 40
Percent Votes
54.33% 4,427
38.17% 3,110
7.50% 611

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Anonymous said...

Actually it just goes to prove how weak of a candidate Tam Truong really was. He had the backing of the mayor, chamber of commerce, PAC money and he still could not get a run off considering that Rafael Sabic was eating away at Kansen Chu's base.

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