Rose Herrera vs. Jimmy Nguyen

Jimmy Nguyen (back) with Tam Truong (front)

With a little more than 50% of the precincts counted,  the incumbent, Rose H. is leading an unknown lawyer Jimmy Nguyen and Patricia Roach Martinez by a substantial margin.  The only question is whether she can gain another 1.09 % point so that she does not have to be in the run-off against Jimmy Nguyen in the fall.

There is a good chance that it will happen since most Vietnamese-Americans use absentee ballots which were counted and posted first.   Jimmy Nguyen's number has steadily decreased from 29.5%. to 28.6% as the precinct ballost cast is taken over in the count.   The night is still young, so let us wait and see.  In the meantime,  it shows how difficult it is to defeat an incumbent.

Completed Precincts 24 of 47
Percent Votes
48.93% 4,144
28.68% 2,429
22.39% 1,896


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