Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jimmy Nguyen Asks for a Second Manual Recount

It is now official,  Jim Nguyen, candidate for San Jose City Council D8,  has asked for a second manual recount.  In the letter to ROV, he laid out his requests to first review all rejected vote-by-mail and provisional ballot envelopes, all defective or "spoiled" ballots which were remade by Registrar staff during the canvass.   He is also asking to audit all tally sheets to see if there are any discrepancies in the number of ballots.

This strategy is designed to first aim at the weakness of the ROV that was exposed during the recount of the City Council D4 election between Manh Nguyen and Lan Diep.

The cost of the recount is at $3,300 per day as charged by the ROV.   The recount will start 12/20.   For now, Jimmy Nguyen is official behind Sylvia Arenas by 97 votes.

In response, Sylvia Arenas has also asked for a recount.  This is just a legal maneuver to give her an option if she needs  (since the deadline to ask for any recount is today) and put on notice that she will challenge any unfavorable decision made by the ROV.

LSI thinks that this election will likely be dragged to court similar to what is happening with D4.

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