Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sylvia Arenas Sworn In as Councilmember of D8

In a calculated move,  Sylvia Arenas was quietly sworn in over the weekend as the new Councilmember of SJC D8.   Typically, the newly-elected officials are sworn in early January with all the pomps and circumstances and not on the weekend in December just before Christmas where the city offices are basically shutting down.

However, with the voter-initiated recount started this week and anything could happen at the ROV with their unimpressive records of missing ballots and accusation of possible fraud, Jimmy Nguyen with his lawyer and consultants might have a chance to overturn this election or at least will try to.

Arenas is just hedging the bet and tries to make it difficult for any judge or jury to overturn an election against a  presiding elected official.

There are a number of VBM ballots that the ROV has rejected due to no matching signature.   A lot of them are from Vietnamese-American voters so Jimmy is focusing his earliest effort on these.  The second focus is the duplicate ballots to ensure that they are the same as orginals.

Jimmy Nguyen is planning to challenge hundreds if not thousands of ballots.   His strategy is to  find many mistakes as possible.   His objective is two folds - to overtake Arenas if possible and if not, to have a strong case for a lawsuit.

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Anonymous said...

Should be D8, not D4.